Shameless gujju R&AW employee domain fraudster asmita patel’s associates hack files on laptop

Though the shameless google, tata sponsored gujju R&AW employee domain fraudster asmita patel has refused to pay the market price for and domain names for the last 4 years, in a major corruption, Vyapam type fraud, R&AW has wasted indian tax payer money paying a monthly R&AW salary to the cunning gujju domain fraudster who has seduced top ntro, cbi, security agency officials to give her fake references .
The cunning greedy google, tata sponsored fraud asmita patel who looks like the times now anchor navika kumar and her associates do not want to spend any of their money on domain names, renewal fees ,yet they are worse than nigerian 419 fraudsters when they falsely claim to own the domain names of a google competitor to get a monthly R&AW salary. To ensure that the financial fraud of domain fraudster asmita patel is not exposed, in panaji, goa, the associates of the crooked asmita patel are hacking files on the laptop.
Tired of being cheated and exploited by the shameless fraud google, tata officials since 2010, the domain investor has posted disclaimers on all domains she has paid for, that the 10 google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees impersonating her, are not associated with the website as they do not pay any expenses or do any work. While the names of the other fraud intelligence employees has remained in April 2017, the name of gujju domain fraudster asmita patel has been systematically deleted from some of the files by the fraud ntro employees abusing their powers to cover up the financial fraud.
When the shameless lazy greedy gujju R&AW employee domain fraudster asmita patel, does not want to pay any money for the domain names, why does asmita patel, a greedy lazy fraud, want to falsely claim that she owns the domain names of a private citizen, google competitor to get a monthly R&AW salary, and great powers

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