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How to Achieve that Smooth-Looking Aftershave Face

It takes some time patience and practice to be able to achieve a smooth-looking skin as shaving is not an easy process. Shaving requires some time to prepare including the tools to use and the basics of knowing how to do it. If done properly, the result will be a bump-free, smooth-looking skin.

Deciding to shave on that day needs some preparation. Things can go wrong if you are going to shave unprepared or at the very last minute. Preparations include having a clean or brand new razor, cleaning the face or skin before shaving and a post shaving procedure.

The right time to shave has been argued by some people. A lot of people and also some dermatologists think that shaving in the morning is good because the hair is relaxed and easier to cut. There are people who like to shave at night because they want their skin to feel relaxed after shaving and heal overnight.It is advisable also to shave when the hair reaches to about an eighth inch length and avoid it getting thick and long which can be hard to cut. But somehow, shaving really depends on the person and how he spends an amount of time to do it so that it is done properly.

To cut off the facial hairs, you must have a good razor prepared.You can find different types of razors in stores from cheap to expensive ones. Before, it is usually just a single blade but now you can find multiple ones from double to quintet blade. The expensive ones are expected to have higher quality and favorable features.

Men can now find the best safety razors for beginners in the market and avoid cuts.

In the preparation process, the facial hair must be softened. Warm water is the key to help soften the facial hair. The next step is to wash the face with cleanser to remove any dirt. Cleansers that contain micro beads are very helpful when shaving because it opens the pores up and at the same time, exfoliate.

Another important thing to have when shaving is the shaving cream. If you want the razor to easily glide when shaving, you must apply the shaving gel or cream first, in order to keep the hair warm and cut it off properly.

If you have applied your shaving cream or gel already, then you should be prepared for shaving now. To get that clean cut, you must shave along the direction of the hair growth. When your hair shaft grows back, it should be in the same direction that is why it is important to shave along with it. If you shave in the opposite direction, the shaft pushes the skin causing the bump and leaving an abrasion to the skin if the razor passes over the bump.

When shaving it is vital to do an aftershave skin toning or moisturizing. It is done to help moisturize, heal or minimize uncontrollable bumps. Products have anti-UV protection or green tea are very helpful with the healing process. A good aftershave toner for sensitive skin is one that has no alcohol content in it.

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