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Best SEO Trends to Improve your Site’s Ranking This Year

SEO is the only thing in thing that is constantly changing in the marketing world. One of the top reasons for the many changes is to allow web crawlers give better results to the searchers. Business owners world over are using latest SEO techniques to ensure that they improve the visibility of their sites. It is one of the proven methods of growing your enterprise. Your enterprise can reach more people when it is properly optimized. This year, web owners need to take advantage of the new trends in SEO to heighten their visibility. Check out these latest SEO trends you can implement on your websites.

First on the list of top trends SEO techniques is accelerated mobile pages. This is because mobile phones have taken over the world and more searches are being performed via mobile devices. Through AMP, Google has made it easier for the web developers to create better mobile sites. AMP allows developers to create a lighter and simpler form of HTML. With AMP, web pages on your website get to load faster by limiting information displayed. Since more mobile surfers want to surf at a higher speed to get the information they need, search engines are prioritizing this with AMP and so implementing this means more visibility for your website.

Voice searches are also on the rise today. If you wish to ensure that your site is not left out when web crawlers display information for web users, you must optimize your pages for voice searches. Beyond that, you must make the smart move of optimizing your content for users and being able to predict their intentions. Besides the keywords, SEO today calls for greater effort in analyzing and investigating the intent of users so that search results are meaningful to users.

It is that high time you began using structured data markup on your website. This will go a long way in increasing the crawler friendliness of your site which is an important Google on-site ranking factor. SEO allows artificial intelligence to functions optimally across the web. Machine learning allows the SEO crawlers to find information easily on your website. Structured data markup is an important aspect of SEO that allows web owners to describe things and properties on the web pages. A site with no structured data markup is not friendly to SEO crawlers. It also becomes a little bit difficult to put any relevant information from the site to help the searchers find what they need. There is no silver bullet for SEO, but gradual steps like these could help improve your rankings tremendously.

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