NTRO involved in large scale manipulation of computer records, spreadsheets of google competitor

Till 2012, the google competitor was keeping almost all her records in digital format, blindly believing in their accuracy,. However it appears that ntro started hacking the digital records far earlier. For example the google competitor was reviewing her investment in a bank, which have been stolen by cbi, ntro, security agencies without a court order. For years, the fraud ntro employees led by puneet, used voice to skull technology to mentally torture her, so that she did not try to recover her hard earned money immediately after it was stolen.
she had different documents available for the bank investment, a printout from computer data, and a handwritten document. When she took the printout data and asked the bank employee to check the status, she found that the fd was not associated with her at all, the data was probably manipulated by hackers for fun. The handwritten document was generated after manually checking the documents and was largely correct, though there are some discrepancies
When there is no way an indian citizen can protect his or her digital data, using digital records remains risky.

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