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Reasons Why Marijuana Might be Good for You

What is your take on marijuana? If all you know is that it is a bad drug used by addicts to get high, you are off the mark. Weed, which also goes by other names has multiple benefits. Below are some of the benefits you probably did not know about marijuana.

Better than Many Prescription Drugs
Many of the individuals skeptical about marijuana have the idea that it intoxicates and destroys your body. Nevertheless, some of these opinions are baseless and not proven by science to the contrary.

Smoking marijuana for an entire day might just cause you to lose that headache you have been struggling with. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about overdosing on certain prescription drugs. Some of the regular medications you use have dire side effects even when used in the prescribed quantities.

Arouses Creativity
Several researches show a deep connection between using weed and creativity. Majority of those who smoke weed believe in the herb’s miraculous epiphany triggering powers. From what scientists have learned about how weed affects the mind, these are no longer just empty claims.

Fights Opiate Addiction
Marijuana has been known for its efficiency in helping individuals to deal with other drug addictions. It is extremely good at fighting heroin addiction. Smoking marijuana can help opiate addicts to tolerate their treatment and this fact was proven in a study that was done in Colombia University on Opiate addicts. According to the research, the opiate addicts exhibited reduced anxiety tendencies, and reduced cases of insomnia. Additionally, withdrawal symptoms were more tolerable among the users who smoked marijuana. Thus, it made it easier to complete the entire recovery program.

Eliminates Cancer Cells
Studies have demonstrated that cancer cells can be destroyed by using marijuana. Researchers determined this after seeing a test conducted on rodents working. The marijuana that the rodents ingested was able to kill the cancer cells in their body. Most countries have not yet made marijuana legal even though it has some properties that can eliminate cancer cells. Nonetheless, more research is being carried out with some countries legalizing medical marijuana.

Helps to Reduce Anxiety
When you smoke weed; you tend to be less anxious because of the effect it has on your hormones. Each type of marijuana available comes with its own unique use. Some make you excited while others can make you relax. Individuals who smoke marijuana rarely struggle with stage fright or anxiety.

You might already be thinking you should try some weed after reading this. However, you only need to use it if the law allows you to where you are. Remember, high doses last for a long time in your system. You do not want to lose your job in case some of this turns out in your drug test.

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