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Guidelines in Purchasing AA Coins.

AA coins are usually distributed to anyone who has decided to join a group that provides support to people who are recovering from alcoholism. The coins have a lot of meaning to this people and you should not just buy them blindly when you are a recovering addict. The first thing you need to consider is the color. Be watchful of the color because it might be a source of anxiety. By the virtue of what the coins stand for, you can decide to stare at them during the times when the urge to take alcohol is high and besides calming your nerves, the coin will be a reminder of the mission so that you can continue remaining true to your word. You need to consider the material too before the purchase. You do not want a material that is going to fall apart after some while because that means you will keep on having to buy new ones. Apart from helping you avoid wastage of money, the coins serve as a reminder to everyone who holds them on the time they have been sober.

The cost is an important factor too and you should not be forced into making a purchase by an unscrupulous seller. Conmen have no respect for anything and don’t think they are not going to use your situation to campaign for high sales at your expense. Actually, run away from anyone who wants you to make the purchase in the shortest time possible. You need to make the purchase at your own time when you are ready and not because someone else thinks you need to. You should buy from a trusted dealer. You may ask your sponsor or other people who have been going to the meetings for a long time on where you can get the best coins. No matter how goods are the coins, avoid any dealer who has no empathy for alcoholics because you are going to end up being hurt by the remarks. Remember that alcoholism is indeed a disease and if there is a seller who had to struggle with it at some point, you will get support from him or her when making the purchase rather than judgments from people who have no idea of what it is like.

You should not just rest after getting the coin but you need to use it as a source of encouragement in your journey. What many people don’t know is that the coins can be sold later on for much more than you bought them at. Thus, take good care of your coin because it can be worth a fortune later on.
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