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Internet dongle/data card expenses

One of the most audacious frauds in how freelancer NTRO employees are hacking dongles/data cards repeatedly and then falsely claiming that the dongle/data card belongs to their sex partners , relatives and girlfriends like sunaina, siddhi, riddhi , nayanshree, naina to give these women great powers. For example sunaina had great powers with many dongle manufacturers though the google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari sex worker R&AW employee sunaina had never purchased any dongle in her life, only had sex with ntro, cbi, tata, google employees who duped the dongle manufacturers like dlink, zte.
Not only do these google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees falsely claiming to be online experts, not have to incur any expenses related to purchasing the dongle, and paying the internet connection charges to the ISP, they are free to enjoy themselves, and the fraud NTRO, google, tata employees will falsely give them credit and a monthly indian government salary
When the indian intelligence employees are not spending any money on the internet connection at all, why are ntro and other government employees falsely giving them credit, a monthly government salary.
ntro instead of being a national technical research organization relying on facts and scientifically valid evidence has become a national terror and rumors organization, making complete fake claims about the ownership of domains, websites, internet connection