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All keyboards hacked so that massive online FINANCIAL FRAUD is not exposed

After running india’s biggest slavery racket, domain ownership,FINANCIAL FRAUD since 2010 to make huge profits, CHEATER tech and internet companies, government agencies have hacked the computer completely so that the domain investor cannot type anything on it using the Dell keyboard
Some of the relatives of the domain investor who have ruthlessly CHEATED,EXPLOITED her, have allegedly bribed the hackers so that she cannot type anything on the computer and expose the massive FINANCIAL FRAUD on the single woman engineer
Though the tech, internet companies.government agencies were aware that no government employees was connected with the single woman engineer and was not helping her in any way at all, showing how ruthless and CUNNING top companies and government agencies are in CHEATING.exploiting and ROBBING a harmless single woman engineer, since 2010, for 13 years the indian government blindly believed in the FAKE RUMORS to run a massive FINANCIAL FRAUD on the single woman engineer, get monthly government salaries for the various lazy greedy fraud relatives and friends of top government employees

The keyboard seller was also closed when domain investor visited

All keyboards hacked to make typing a major problem

Showing how vindictive the government agencies, tech and internet companies are in destroying the life of the domain investor for exposing their domain ownership, financial, online fraud, government slavery racket, almost all the keyboards have been hacked.
The domain investor finds that every keyboard has unique problems indicating that the hackers are monitoring the keyboard and then changing the registry settings so that it is difficult to type using the keyboard
This is the reason why the domain investor prefers to use paper notebooks,they cannot be hacked.

Now hackers disable keyboard of computer after banking fraud is exposed

after the banking fraud was exposed, the raw/cbi employees have increased their hacking to a very great extent
They disabled the dell keyboard of the computer so it stopped working on 26 february.
Changing the USB port to which it was connected did not help
The domain investor has other spare keyboards, so she used them
Now the new keyboard is also not working, showing the extent of harassment which the domain investor faces.