Prodot-207s keyboard of poor quality, letter J coming out repeatedly

Due to the indian internet sector, governement financial, online fraud on the domain investor since 2010, she is wasting a lot of time trying to get justice. The indian and 5 state governments in karnataka, goa, haryana, madhya pradesh, maharashtra government are so ruthless in their FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD on the domain investor, a single woman engineer, that they are monitoring all her activities, stealing her data and falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any time and money, are doing the work, to get all these frauds a monthly raw/cbi salary at the expense of the domain investor.

The indian and state governments especially in goa, do not even acknowledge the money she is spending on computer hardware, instead falsely giving the google, tata sponsored call girls, robber, cheater housewives and other frauds, credit, monthly salary
India officially claims that all citizens are equal, yet the reality is that the indian government is blindy believing in the complete lies of shamelesss fraud liar powerful communities, like the sindhi, gujju, goan, shivalli brahmin, goan bhandari, and wasting taxpayer money on shameless sindhi scammer school dropouts, cheater, robber housewives and other frauds, making up FAKE STORIES
to counter the criminal defamation of the liar government agencies, the domain investor is wasting time writing, and is applying more pressure, due to which the J letter on multiple prodot keyboards is coming out after being used for only a few days