Monthly Archives: March 2018

Very systematic hacking of multiple laptops

The domain investor is reverting to pre 2008 options for transacting because the internet connection is very unreliable.
on 29 march 2018, both the micromax and iball laptop are hacked, blackberry mobile is not working
bsnl connection is again creating a problem
More than 1 hour wasted trying to get connected
senior level orders are given for hacking

Iball laptop hacked repeatedly to cause losses

NTRO employees involved in a banking, financial fraud, sex, bribery racket are hacking the iball laptop of their victim repeatedly to cause further losses
On 13 March 2018, there suddenly hacked the laptop forcing it to automatically restart wasting the time of their victim.
A few hours later they also hacked the keyboard and it could not be operated.
All the work was likely to be wasted, if the data was not saved.
This clearly shows how ruthless the well paid ntro employees are in causing losses to their victim.

NTRO employees intentionally hack laptop of google competitor to waste time and then defame her as lazy

Since 2010, the sex, money bribe taking NTRO employees have intentionally hacked the laptop of the google competitor to waste her time, and money,
Then when she is unable to do much work, due to the ntro, google, tata hacking, these crooked ntro employees are defaming the google competitor as lazy to cover up their great financial, online, domain fraud.
This is a classic example of indian dishonesty, double standards, lack of humanity of ntro employees who are getting a monthly indian government salary, yet abuse their powers to make it very difficult for other indian citizens to make any money.