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NTRO only hacking domain investors computers, smartphone making fake black money allegations without any proof

Due to government slavery for the last 10 years, the domain investor is not making any money despite working very hard
Yet the fraud indian tech, internet companies continue to hysterically make fake black money allegations without any proof at all to continue their government slavery, extortion racket, making fake claims about domain ownership
In other sectors people are making far more money, the domain investor noticed that people are withdrawing huge amount of cash, without being harassed by ntro or government agencies.
One person withdrew Rs 1.2 lakh cash from his company account, Rs 45000 cash for his wife, though the bank employee insisted that only Rs 25000 was allowed for bearer cheque. Another person withdrew Rs 4.10 lakh from their bank account. In other banks also huge amounts of cash are being withdrawn from the bank account, no one is harassing those people, they are using their smartphone without any problem, only the domain investor is being targetted