Investment required, expenses for working online
Companies allegedly google, tata and officials working in NTRO think that they are doing a person a great favor allowing them to work online, as if it is free. However in reality, unlike employees who find that all their work related expenses are covered by their employer, most small business owners working online have to invest a fairly large amount to make even a few dollars online.
Some of the investment, expenses are:
Computer or laptop
Internet connection modem
Acessories like mouse and keyboard
Data backup devices like memory cards, flash drives
Data reading and writing devices like CD writers, memory card readers
Networking supplies
Power strips, surge suppressors
Monitors, cameras and other accessories

While the investment may be required once a year, as most computers and related devices have a one year warranty, there are many monthly expenses :
Internet connection charges - data
Mobile connection
Regular data backup charges, new memory card, flash drive
Electricity or solar power supply charges
Computer repair expenses
Supplier sourcing expenses
Virus removal expenses
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Unfortunately the incompetent dishonest security and intelligence agency officials whose work related expenses like computers are paid with indian tax payer money are not willing to acknowledge that a person working online has a lot of valid business expenses, which can be only paid from the business profit or business revenues, and they are ruthless in stealing all leads and orders of the business ownner, falsely claiming national security. An Apple notebook will cost at least Rs 50000, yet when a domain investor will make a Rs 30000 or more a month, cruel corrupt hysterical officials are quick to make fake allegations that the harmless domain investor, paypal account holder is a security threat if they make a few housands of rupees using paypal . When will anyone explain to these extremely selfish, self centered, inconsiderate ntro and security agency officials getting a salary and pension , that the money is required to purchase the electronics and hardware, the enecessities for operating an online business

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