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2233-HECI error during MEBx execution

Due to continuous hacking of government employees,tech companies, the computer is giving the following error

2233-HECI error during MEBx execution
MEBX status =0302
ME BIOS extension module halted
Update BIOS or ME firmware if problems persist
2206 – End of post HECI failure
System halted, power cycle system to reboot

Monitor becoming blank repeatedly due to hacking to cover up massive FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD

After running india’s biggest online, financial fraud since 2010, CHEATING, EXPLOITING, ROBBING a single woman domain investor, engineer, the masterminds of india’s greatest work at home fraud are realizing that they cannot sustain it further
So now the monitor of the domain investor is hacked, in another case of cybercrime to waste her time. The monitor is becoming blank after some time, without any reason, indicating that the monitor is being controlled remotely
This shows the extent of the harassment, cybercrime the domain investor is facing
Now more money will have to be spent on monitor, display

Installing new keyboard confirms that shivalli brahmins, are hacking the compaq keyboard

Though almost no blog or mainstream media will carry the news, the shivalli brahmins are ruthless in cheating, exploiting, robbing hardworking professionals from the lower castes to get monthly government salaries for their lazy greedy fraud relatives like bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree,who is only cooking and cleaning for her crooked husband,tata power employee guruprasad.
For 10 years,the shivalli brahmins are running an extortion racket,falsely accusing the hardworking single woman of money laundering,when she is paid for the services or products which she is selling to customers outside india
To prevent the single woman who they have CHEATED,EXPLOITED,ROBBED since 2010 from complaining, the shivalli brahmins are hacking all the keyboards,so that the keystrokes are not accurately recorded,leading to spelling mistakes and pain in the arms
The domain investor purchased and installed a new keyboard,and initially she is not facing any problem,indicating the extent of hacking.

To cover up their financial fraud since 2010, government agencies hacking keyboard of domain investor

Taking advantage of the dishonesty of obc/bhandari leaders, officials, government agencies have been openly involved in a massive financial fraud on a single woman domain investor since 2010, making fake claims about domain ownership, duping companies, countries and people
To cover up the financial fraud, these government agencies are now hacking the keyboard of the single woman, the keystrokes are not getting recorded accurately, despite applying pressure
Also radiation is being used to damage the back of the single woman when she is doing computer work.
The shivalli brahmins hiding behind bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife raw employee nayanshree are allegedly hacking the computer so that nayanshree’s financial fraud since 2013 is not exposed

Computers of well established companies in india infected with malware sending spam/phishing mails due to government resume theft racket

Due to the government policy of rewarding cybercrime, frauds involved in resume theft like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree in the indian internet sector, with monthly government salaries, the computers of a large number of indian companies are infected with malware and are sending spam mails
One of the spam/phishing mails received is listed below

Could you please give us quotation about the materials down below.

25.000 pcs.
7.500 pcs.

See attached for your reference


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It is an indication of the rot in the indian tech, internet sector that top companies support all the fraudsters with fake resumes