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Computer hacked after details of domain fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge Rs 21000/day hotel stay was published

After the details of haryana fraud raw employee ruchita kinge’s Rs 21000/day (approx. $300/day) holiday in jaipur luxury hotel, her husband vikas got the computer hacked completely so that it is not possible to even take a backup of the hard drive , he then joined her in her instagram photos fromthe luxury hotel
So the domain investor was forced to purchase a new computer from her personal funds, since it is required for other purposes also
The laptop was used very less since the hackers promoting panaji goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan will also hack the laptop easily , and money will have to be wasted purchasing another laptop

The domain investor is desperately trying to sell domains for $300 or less,yet raw employee ruthless ruchita refuses to legally purchase even one domain, though she is getting a monthly government salary only for faking domain ownership.