E Necessities

Electronic necessities, computer hardware


E Necessities

Electronic necessities, computer hardware

Liar fraud NTRO employees cannot provide any proof that fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money own micromax laptop of google competitor, engineer

In most countries, accessing the computer of another person without authorization is illegal.
However instead of being honest that R&AW is paying a salary to google, tata supplied lazy greedy goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc from goa university only for sex and other frauds like indore document robber housewife veena for robbery and bribery, NTRO, R&AW are acting like section 420 frauds falsely claiming that their lazy liar call girl, fraud employees are online experts, domain investors. These powerful liar google, tata, ntro employees are also duping people, companies and countries that the sex worker is working on the computer, when actually she is enjoying herself

In reality with the help of fraud google, tata employees the sex addicted bribe taking fraud raw/cbi/ntro employees are putting the real domain investor, a google competitor and private citizen under surveillance, and falsely claiming that their favorite sex service provider, goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan who is not doing any work on the computer, owns the Micromax laptop and is doing work on it to justify the great and monthly salary the goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan is getting at the expense of the legal owner of the laptop

To ensure that the google, tata masterminded sex, bribery racket is not exposed, Wireshark is unable to detect any interface and monitor the data packets, leaving and entering the Micromax laptop. So in a clear case of abuse of power, sex addicted top ntro employees are duping people, companies and countries that their favorite sex service provider R&AW employee sunaina and other fraud raw/cbi employees who have not spent any money on the Micromax laptop , are owning the laptop of a google competitor, engineer, to pay all these frauds a monthly government salary

Dangerous Section 420 fraud google, tata employees making fake claims of computer, online work of lazy greedy cheater housewives to defame paypal account holders in goa

A very cruel fraud of tata employees to defame hard working exporters, paypal account holders, falsely giving various call girls, frauds, cheater housewives credit without doing any work at all., making flimsy excuses defaming the person who is working very hard. these women do not make any money online on the computer at all, they do not spend any time at all, yet they get credit,money due to the tata fraud of defaming people who are extremely busy

tata,cbi employees are the greatest section 420 frauds and liars in the world , putting paypal account holders under surveillance and falsely claiming that various lazy greedy cheater housewives like gujju eighth standard pass cbi employee naina, nayanshree hathwar, various christian and other fraud housewives who do not do any work on the computer, are doing the work online to get all these lazy greedy housewives, great powers and money at my expense

Since the paypal account holder is doing all the work, she does not have time to go shopping daily, then these fraud tata employees are making fake allegations of black money to defame, cheat, exploit me, pamper lazy greedy housewives who have never done any work on the computer in their life

After the light eyed wife of CA,. the latest fraud housewives being promoted by the section 420 liar pimp tata, ntro employees are some christian housewives with a ponytail, and young children, who are usually wearing a tshirt, who have never done any computer work, yet the fraud intelligence and security agency employees in goa believe the complete lies of the pathological liar google, tata, ntro,. cbi, raw,employees

bank details will prove that goan call girl sunaina, siddhi, naina, christian and other housewives do not make any money online at all,tata, google, ntro employees are shameless liars, yet the goan and indian government blindly believes the lies of section 420 fraud tata employees who are far worse than the east india company of the british in their atrocities on indian citizens

NTRO shutting down laptop when pen drive, USB modem connected

In a clear indication of how ruthless ntro employees are in covering up their financial, identity theft fraud on google competitor, domain investor, engineer, on 16 November, 2018, they were repeatedly shutting down the Iball laptop of the domain investor, whenever the pen drive, usb modem was connected after 9 pm

The section 420 fraud google, tata, raw, cbi, ntro employees led by mhow cheater puneet, j srinivasan, parmar had viciously defamed the engineer for more than 8 years, falsely claiming that all her income and savings were only because of them, and without the domains, websites, she would never make any money at all. They were also falsely claiming in goa that the google, tata supplied goan call girls sunaina, siddhi, their girlfriends, relatives, sons of their giirlfrends like gujju fraudsters nikhil, karan, lazy greedy frauds who never did any work online were doing all the work online to pay them government salaries and give them great powers, defaming cheating and exploiting the real domain investor, engineer who was actually doing the work

However when the engineer got a customer for doing offline work only with deadlines of a few hours, the google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi employees realized that their fraud of falsely giving credit to the lazy greedy goan call girls whose sex services they were enjoying, the gujju fraudster sons nikhil, karan of school dropout cbi employee housewife naina, brahmin cheaters nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak and other lazy fraud raw/cbi employees was getting exposed since these fraud raw/cbi employees did not want to do any work at all, only take credit after defaming the engineer, by circulating defamatory, manipulated videos in a major online slavery fraud masterminded by the brahmin crook puneet

The engineer worked very hard when she was young, and she is not going to tolerate the defamation of the powerful fraud ntro, raw, cbi employees who falsely claim that the lazy greedy mediocre fraud sons of the indian governments favorite school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, goan call girls sunaina, siddhi, and other fraud raw/cbi employees ,who are not doing any work are working with the engineer, to defame the engineer.\

When the engineer alone is doing all the work, spening all the time, why should others who are defaming her, get credit and a salary, why should the hardworking engineer, tolerate the defamation, when all other indian citizens get credit for the work they are doing. So when the allegation was made that ntro employees led by parmar, were making fake claims about online work , of the lazy greedy sons of school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina after getting sex bribes from their mother, it appears that some extremely senior ntro employee was upset, and the BSNL sim suddenly became invalid at around 6.35 pm

Also ntro started shutting down the Iball laptop automatically whenever the pendrive, USB modem was connected so that she could not send files to her customer according to the deadlines. So the domain investor has atleast 5 working laptops at any time for greater reliability and is now forced to have 3 different internet connection, because BSNL sim can become invalid any time

Canon printer taking a photocopy of half page only due to ntro hacking in panaji, goa

In a clear indication of the endless hacking of NTRO in panaji goa, a canon MG2577s printer was used for taking a copy of some KVP of a relative of the domain investor who had requested her help.

To save paper, two KVP were kept in the printer at a time, since a KVP is fairly small. Only one kvp printout appeared on the printed sheet on 9 October 2018 in panaji, goa , clearly indicating that even photocopying is hacked

This is another indication of how much taxpayer money ntro is wasting to harass the domain investor, google competitor whose identity has been stolen by the ntro employees to enjoy lifetime free sex, get money bribes, and raw/cbi jobs for their relatives and friends with the stolen identity of the google competitor, domain investor

Brahmin fraud NTRO employee Hathwar hacks google competitors Micromax laptop with million dollar equipment purchased with taxpayer money

To ensure that his lazy greedy mediocre wife nayanshree gets a monthly raw salary without doing any work at all,without investing any money at all, the brahmin fraud ntro employee hathwar hacks the micromax laptop of the google competitor, whose identity his wife nayanshree hathwar, has stolen to get a raw job. In a similar manner, the lovers, relatives of goan call R&AW employees sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar and others are hacking the laptop of the google competitor.

For this hathwar is abusing his powers, using the million dollar ntro equipment to steal all orders of the google competitor , so that her revenues are very low, and he can falsely give his lazy greedy wife nayanshree, who is not spending any time and money credit for the little money which the domain investor is making. If he was really honest, he would not abuse his powers to get his wife a salary.

So the google competitor is fighting a lonely one sided battle, she has a Rs 9000 micromax laptop which she purchased with her hard earned money, while hathwar has equipment costing crores, paid with indian taxpayer money to steal all her orders, so that his wife nayanshree hathwar, gets a monthly raw salary without doing any work at all, in a classic example of slavery in India by government employees .

New NTRO, security agency torture weapon targets indian laptop users

Not satisfied with the sex, money and jobs for relatives with stolen identities as bribes, the cruel sex animal ntro and security agency employees in panaji goa, continue to stalk and torture the google competitor whose identity they have stolen, committing a banking fraud since 2010
On 27 September 2018, it appears that ntro, security agency employees enjoying sex with google, tata supplied goan call girl raw employees sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, getting bribes from kolhapur born school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina , riddhi nayak, used a new dangerous and extremely painful weapon on the google competitor when she was at home
It appears that the power line has been hacked, to monitor when the google competitor is sitting in front of the computer
The google competitor experienced so much pain on the lower part of the left lung, that it was unbearable, forcing her to flee the room
The pain lasted for approximately 15 minutes and was caused by microwave burns
After the micromax laptop is disconnected from the power supply, no pain is experienced

NTRO continues to hack Micromax laptop keyboard of google competitor, deleting typed content remotely

In a clear indication how malicious and cruel the well paid ntro employees getting sex, money bribes from google, tata, are they are hacking the micromax keyboard, and moving the cursor randomly, deleting typed text when the google competitor is online, to waste her time
Almost everything she is typing is being deleted remotely by the malicious fraud ntro employees enjoying regular sex with google, tata supplied goan raw employees sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar , forcing her to waste her time typing the same data twice or thrice
These sex mad ntro employees are misusing the wifi network to intentionally move the cursor around remotely in a clear case of corporate espionage, and take advantage of the fact that there is no undo button on most websites

NTRO employees change the task bar settings of google competitor

In a clear indication of the endless frauds of raw/cbi/ntro employees on the harmless google competitor whose identity they have stolen, on 13 September 2018, the ntro employees had intentionally changed the position of the taskbar on the Micromax laptop L1161
To restore the position the google competitor had to waste her time
This is an indication of the corporate espionage on a harmless citizen by the ntro employees freelancing for google, tata , wasting indian tax payer money

NTRO hacking micromax laptop, cursor jumping randomly

As part of the corporate espionage deal with google, tata, the sex, money bribe taking ntro employees are hacking the new micromax laptop of the google competitor and the cursor is jumping randomly from one place to another when she is using the micromax laptop purchased a few months ago.

This makes it difficult to type using the laptop, especially when the user is online because the undo button is not working as part of the google strategy to cause further losses to the competitor.

Some sentences which are typed and getting deleted automatically, as the ntro employees are ruthless in causing losses to the google competitor, so that their fraud of falsely claiming that google, tata supplied goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc offering sex services to ntro employees, is an online expert is not exposed

Firefox browser hacked while making Amazon payment

As part of the never ending corporate espionage on the google competitor allegedly by google, tata, ntro, the Firefox browser was hacked while making Amazon payment, so that she could not complete the payment with a ICICI bank credit card initially

She was forced to refresh the browser, and the SBI credit card was shown as the default payment method, The google competitor usually does not prefer to use the SBI credit card, because of the ntro sbi credit card fraud as the ntro employees falsely claim that their favorite goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan, who offers them sex services and does not pay the credit card bill, owns the sbi credit card of the google competitor.

This clearly shows how ruthless the google,tata employees are in harassing the google competitor, whose identity, memory they have stolen to get goan prostitutes and other frauds raw/cbi jobs, to increase their companies profit.