E Necessities

Electronic necessities, computer hardware


E Necessities

Electronic necessities, computer hardware

Memory card virus prevalent only in Goa

Due to NTRO hacking of printers, a domain investor had to transfer data using pen drives in another state for flight ticket printing and other documents. However it was observed, that the pen drives did not get infected, though multiple laptops and computers were being used.
In contrast, when the domain investor purchased a second hand desktop in goa, the seller Mr Mahesh from margao had infected it with an extremely dangerous memory card virus which could never be removed despite using different software. He refused to offer a viable solution to the problem.
Additionally the using the desktop, also resulted in the wastage of at least 7-8 pen drives, memory cards and two laptops were also infected
The only way to transfer data from the infected laptops was to use the internet for uploading and downloading data as the external C

Sandisk pen drives hacked to give tata, google’s goan favorite goan SEX worker R&AW employee sunaina, a monthly R&AW salary

Though google, tata’s favorite goan obc bhandari SEX worker R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar 2013 bsc has no connection with computers or internet at all, except stripping offf her clothes to have SEX with google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi employees in the indian internet sector , the sugar daddies of the VVIP goan sex worker sunaina led by the fraud NTRO employee j srinivasan have been extensively hacking the pen drives of a google competitor using the most sophisticated ntro equipment available and then falsely claiming that the goan sex queen was doing all the work online , to get the SEX worker great powers, a monthly R&AW salary for SEX
Sandisk pen drives were particular targetted by the fraud ntro employees enjoying marathon SEX sessions with the lazy greedy google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari VVIP sex queen sunaina as they took a sadistic pleasure in delaying access to the data stored on the pen drive so tata, google sex worker sunaina could get credit and the monthly indian government salary.
the fraud ntro employee j srinivasan whose obsession and infatuation with the slim goan R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina has adversely affected his judgement, professional duties, duped a large number of computer and internet companies including sandisk that the sex worker was an online expert, when google, tata’s favorite SEX worker R&AW employee sunaina is only interested in having recreational SEX with powerful government employees, not in investing money in computer hardware, software, domain names or websites
So though sandisk is the most popular pendrive in India, the domain investor could not use it for a long period of time, because of the hacking of the ntro employees for their favorite google, tata sponsored goan sex worker R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar . With almost all other brands of pen drives, the hacking was far less

Despite disconnecting Dlink modem the software is still showing BSNL mobile

Ideally when the Dlink usb modem/dongle has been removed from the laptop, the Dlink dialer software should not be showing any BSNL or ISP connection. However on 12 April 2017, due to corporate espionage, allegedly by ntro employees freelancing for google, tata, misusing sophisticated ntro equipment, at around 6 .55 pm , the dlink modem is disconnected, yet the bsnl connection is still show as active.
It another case of hacking to waste the time and money of the domain investor, whose resume, investment, correspondence has been stolen by ntro, cbi, raw employees, ntro employees getting a monthly indian government salary, hacking the laptop of a harmless indian citizen, google competitor

Freelancer ntro employees working for google, tata hack laptop again

In a clear case of abuse of power, freelancer ntro employees working for google, tata again hacked the laptop of a harmless domain investor, google competitor on 11 April 2017, at around 8.11 pm to waste the time of the domain investor. Microsoft Edge was hacked and it was impossible to scroll down, it appeared that an ntro employee was controlling the laptop remotely to harass and cause stress to the domain investor again.
These ntro employees are getting a monthly indian government salary, yet they are very selfish, greedy, lacking humanity when they daily waste the time of a harmless indian citizen, who has no fixed income and has to work very hard to make any money online and offline, hacking the laptop with the million dollar equipment purchased by ntro with indian tax payer

Pen drive prices increase rapidly

Though indian security agencies are paranoid about indian citizens using pen drives falsely and hysterically claiming that they are a security threat, in reality , pen drives are a very convenient way of taking a backup of data on a laptop. However since January 2017, the prices of pen drives have increased rapidly and at present there is almost no pen drive available on major online websites like amazon costing less than Rs 300
Another problem faced while using amazon is that many offers are app only
Any retailer or importer of pen drives offering these pen drives for Rs 300 or less can send an email to info@textads.in

Live chat booster

Most people must be aware of the fact that some times smses, emails are not delivered due to data theft, unreliable networks, so live chat has become the most reliable method of communication . Increasingly Android has become the most popular operating system, with most mobile phones, tablets using the Android operating system. Hence it is advisable for websites of all sizes to download and install the Live Chat Booster to allow the website visitor to communicate with the website staff quickly and reliably without spending a large amount of money, to increase sales and revenues.

There are many advantages of using Live Chat Booster software for a website. The website staff will be notified immediately when there is a visitor to the website, and can immediately start their effort to convert a visitor to a lead or sale. A person is visiting a website only because he or she is interested in the product or service being offered, so it is far easier to convert the lead into an order, rather than use other promotional methods which are not very targeted. For example many website owners are closely monitoring the visitors to the order page, and immediately offering a coupon or substantial discount to the visitor using the Live Chat Booster, so that he or she will immediately place the order.

Often small businesses are finding that their emails are missing or stolen due to hacking or problems created by their larger business rivals like corporate espionage. In such cases, Live Chat Booster is the most reliable method of communication with potential customers as the website owner is getting immediate feedback from the customer. In case the internet connection is not very reliable , the software has features which will ensure that the communication remains possible on the android devices. It has other features like keeping a record of the live chat , which can be emailed to the visitor to the website and the website owner for record purposes and reference in future.

Many electronic cigarette ads expose NTRO identity theft fraud

The fact that ntro is a poorly run organization, with employees like puneet involved in identity theft frauds has become famous worldwide . Though the shameless fraud ntro employee puneet, who likes to smoke electronic cigarettes was least interested in contacting his btech 1993 ee classmate, he shamelessly misused her name, and misguided a large number of people, companies, and countries with his fake claims about website ownership, when he actually got jobs for ruchika, nayanshree, siddhi, asmita, veena and other frauds
Now link sellers worldwide are feeling cheated by his lies and are posting electronic cigarette ads repeatedly on the websites. In fact, Turkish link buyers are repeatedly purchasing electronic cigarette ads, the anchor text is exactly the same, only the url has changed, indicating that the turkish link sellers are disgusted with the fraud of ntro employee puneet and his lies.
When will ntro employee puneet be honest that his girlfriends are least interested in working online, that he hates the real domain investor.

Sony Vaio laptop Rs 12000 and other computer hardware deals

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New UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath’s staff used typewriters

Most high profile politicians in india, even in Goa, like to boast how they are distributing free laptops to college and school students to get quick votes and publicity in newspapers. However it is a waste of tax payer money , as most of these students do not use these laptops effectively and the laptops are dumped in a corner of the home. Instead the government should help small business owners , as laptops are no longer mandatory for doing business or being effective.
The new UP chief Yogi Adityanath, who was a five time MP , used typewriters for making applications according to a media report.
The citizens of the area who are requiring help from MP Yogi Adityanath can meet him between 8 am and 10 am daily , and his staff has hindi typewriters to type out applications on the letter head of the member of parliament
This clearly indicates that the usage of laptops and computers is far less than what most people , mainstream media, NTRO would like to believe. Domain investors will also have to learn to use type writers if sex maniac NTRO employees are allowed to run amok falsely claiming google, tata sponsored sex workers, frauds are online experts, domain investor

Market for pens increasing due to ntro atrocities, hacking

With ntro employees allowed to run amok hacking the laptops, mobiles, tablets and other digital devices owned by harmless private citizens in India, deleting and modifying data, so this has resulted in a major increase in the market for pens in India according to a newspaper report.
While laptop companies like sony are closing down in india because of ntro hacking, data theft, the pen manufacturers are finding that their sales are increasing. The literacy rate in India is increasing and naturally people are preferring to purchase pens , making it a more than RS 3000 crore market.

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