Electronics wasted due to google, tata ‘s identity theft fraud

When google, tata wish to steal the resume of indian citizens, the local security and intelligence employees are hired to stalk and terrorize the harmless citizen. The only way to reduce the problem is to change the address. However in the process a lot of electronics is getting wasted. During a recent visit to another state, the domain investor found that most of the expensive electronic equipment was getting wasted because of lack of use.
For example for many battery operated devices, the terminals are rusted or are disintegrating and cannot be used . Almost all the other parts of the electronic/electrical devices are working properly, only the battery connection terminals are rusty and there is no simple way to restore the broken terminals. So in addition to the cost of relocating, the wasted electronic equipment is a major expense for the domain investor, whose retirement savings have already been stolen without a court order or legally valid reason.