Goa government delaying paying outstanding bills of professionals , wasting money on expensive free laptops for students

Goa is one of the few states in India where students are given laptops in higher secondary school by the government free of cost. Most of these students do not use the laptops properly and in some cases they sell the laptops to make some money. Yet the goan government continues to waste money on procuring laptops annnually for the students when it does not have the funds to pay outstanding bills of professionals.

The goan newspapers reported that the director of healthcare in goa, Dr Dalvi was assaulted by a doctor Dr Venkatesh because the goan government refused or delayed paying the doctor Rs 70 lakh in dues.The doctor was providing dialysis services in government hospitals which are essential, and as a professional he has a legal right to get his dues paid, because he also must be having many expenses.

The laptops which the government is giving the students are not essential, and the goan government is also giving very expensive laptops costing more than Rs 20000,when there are far cheaper laptops available. For example the broke domain investor who is legally owning this website is using a laptop costing approximately Rs 8000 and it is adequate for most activities, so why do the students with very basic computer, internet knowledge require an expensive laptop