I Need Some Me Time

My friends always want to come over after I moved into Sloane Residences. They like hanging out at my condo better than at their own places, and I understand why. I don’t like to brag, but my place is better than their places. They always like to swim in the pool or use the gym with me. Some of them have a pool and gym at their places too, but they say it’s just not as nice. I don’t know why they don’t just move over here if they like the place so much. It would be more convenient for them becase they would have access to everything.

Although I like hanging out with my friends, sometimes I like to just spend a little time by myself. I like to swim alone and just have my thoughts to myself while I’m floating around in the pool. After a long day, it really helps me to relax and soothes my muscles. Sometimes I’ll turn off my phone so I won’t be interrupted by anyone. When I’m in the condo, I like to go through my collection of books and either pick out one that I haven’t read before, or choose one that I have read and revisit it. It’s like re-watching your favorite movie.

One of my friends called me earlier today and asked if he could come over, but I told him that I would be busy all day, and he would have to come over some other time. By that, I meant that I would be busy reading one of my favorite classics while I sit in the bath with a glass of red wine and some cheese slices while a few scented candles burn in the background. It’s a pretty fancy way to read an old book, but it feels nice.