Can indian government chowkidars, NTRO explain why call girl, fraud raw/cbi employees do not have to spend time, money on computers, online, they falsely claim to own bank account of private citizens and get salary

The R&AW employees lazy greedy panaji prostitute,bengaluru brahmin cheater sunaina chodan, nayanshree hathwar, have no online income, they are doing their cia gifted job in the american company in patto plaza, enjoying with their friends or looking after their home and family in bengaluru

Yet in massive fraud of ntro, j srinivasan, are falsely claiming that these lazy greedy google, tata sponsored panaji prostitute,bengaluru brahmin cheater, who are not doing any computer work, not spending any time, money online or on the computer, own the paypal account, bank account of a harmless single woman engineer in a clear case of defamation, financial fraud . No one is giving computers for free,the private citizen is paying her hard earned money to purchase the computer

India officially claims that all indian citizens are equal, so can the indian government, NTRO explain why lazy greedy R&AW employees nayanshree hathwar, sunaina chodan, do not have to spend any time and money on computers, online work, they can falsely claim to own the paypal, bank account of any private citizen, and get a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the private citizen