Panaji fairksinned fraud females, housewives and scammer students continue with their computer work fraud

One of the greatest fraud of the indian tech, internet companies, alleegdly led by tata, iit kharagpur alumni sundar pichai’s google, is how various
Panaji housewives, fairksinned fraud females and scammer students are stealing all the data of a google competitor and then falsely claiming that they are doing the computer work, when they are actually not spending any time at all, and do not have the skills to get paid.

Stalking by grey track pant wearing sleeveless peach color embroidered top wearing fair skinned pony tailed female in retail store exposed the latest computer work fraudster in panaji, goa

The greedy shameless CYBERCRIMINAL LIAR panaji sindhi, gujju and goan officials are RUNNING one of the biggest COMPUTER WORK,FINANCIAL FRAUDS, trade secret robbery racket in the world easily beating ex-google engineer anthony levandowski in their CYBERCRIME
the shameles LIAR greedy goan, gujju, sindhi officials are stealing all the data of a hardworking single woman engineer and then falsely claiming that the work is done by lazy greedy fairskinned fraud liar good looking women
The fairskinned fraud good looking panaji women do not not want to spend any time doing computer work, invest money in domains, rely on their fraud husbands or relatives to steal all the data of a single woman and make fake claims of computer work
The latest panaji computer work fraudster is a grey track pant wearing well built female, about 5′ 4″ in height, who stalked the domain investor at a retail store with cctv footage.. The fairskinned fraud was wearing a sleeveless peach color crocheted top with some white embroidery at the top, and her black bra was also visible below the skimpy top. She had her straightened hair tied in a pony tail. she was wearing a platinum chain with a small heart .
The female purchased a large number of potato chips costing Rs 10 each, and also purchased a cup of yogurt from the department store. She put the chips in a white color magsons foldable bag which she removed from her grey track pant with white lettering
This is only posted to alert people that the fairskinned female is not a domain investor and is not doing any kind of computer work, though she and associates may be making fake claims using stolen data indicating the rampant cybercrime of government agencies in panaji, making the city hell for investors and business owners. Bank details will also prove that this grey track pant wearing fraud female is a liar, CYBERCRIMINAL, using stolen data to make fake claims
It is an indication of the lack of honesty and humanity of government employees that no one questions the fairskinned fraud greedy goodlooking women why they are faking computer work, when they do not want to spend time in front the computer, in a clear case of labor law violations. This posted so that all goodlooking greedy fraud females, scammer students like the panaji shameless scammer sindhi brothers karan, nikhil chandan are aware that FAKING computer work is easily exposed