Computer completely hacked after domain investor started getting more page views on Quora

To cheat, exploit, rob the domain investor since 2010, some powerful officials and companies have been slandering her in the worst manner, so that they can cheat, exploit and rob her and get all their lazy greedy relatives and friends, no work, no investment government jobs without being questioned at all.
The domain investor is making money online, mainly because she is a content creator, yet the cunning liar powerful officials are falsely claiming that their lazy relatives, associates who do not spend any time at all, are doing all the content creation to get them government jobs while the mental health of the domain investor is questioned for complaining.
On most forums and websites, the real name is never mentioned, so the fraud liar government employees can falsely take credit and get monthly salaries.
So after receiving the first payment on quora the domain investor deciding to do some posting to find out what people are looking for. While she does not get more than 350 page views for her top websites despite her best efforts, she is getting more than 1500 page views almost daily, after answering questions daily for 10 days.
It appears that some very powerful person is furious that his lies and lucrative job racket are exposed, and now the computer is being hacked repeatedly, the internet connection has become very slow, or it is shutting down automatically, due to some remote hacker controlling it. So the domain investor will have to keep the computer offline or shut it down for at least one week or purchase another computer.