Very Amenable and a Great Location

When I moved to Florida for work, I needed to find apartments in Miami Beach even before I left. My new employer expected that I would need to find living accommodations and provided several possible ideas. I looked through them, but all of them left me feeling cold. None of them seemed all that affordable, and the company wasn’t going to subsidize my rent, which meant that I needed to find something on my own. I figured it wouldn’t be a problem considering the size of the area. I just needed to make sure it was safe and affordable.

Of course, I also wanted something close to work. Moving to a new city means having to spend a few months getting to know the area and finding out how to get around. That’s why I wanted something close to work as I expected to spend a lot of time getting acquainted with my new job and didn’t want to spend an inordinate amount of commuting time just getting to work and back. Thanks to a fair amount on online research, I did locate a place that fit all of my needs perfectly. It’s so nice it’s hard to leave for work!

The location is, as I said, just perfect for me. I can get to work in less than ten minutes and that’s with heavy traffic in the morning. As for the apartment itself, it’s quite nice and better than I had hoped for before moving down. I have yet to meet anyone surly or sullen living here, either. Everyone seems as nice as can be and you can tell everyone loves living in Florida. I have to admit I love it here and already can’t imagine living anywhere else in the country. The apartment is nice enough that I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the city, either.