Finding a Luxury Apartment in Charlotte, NC

I have a friend that was offered a job promotion that would require her to relocate to Charlotte, NC. She contemplated on this for a while and decided to accept the offer from her employer. She has asked me to help her find an apartment because I am familiar with the area. I figured the best way to start was to do an internet search for Charlotte NC luxury apartments. She is a little spoiled so I assumed luxury was a must for her. I was happily surprised at the list that popped up.

One apartment community in particular really caught my eye and it was only two miles from where I currently live. How convenient to have my best friend living within walking distance of my house. I was excited. I viewed the gallery of pictures on their website and really liked what I saw. I had no idea that apartments could be so nice and luxurious. They were all modern and up to date with many features I knew she would fall in love with. She is also a bit of a fitness freak so I knew a fitness center was a must have, and of course they have a very nice one.

After reviewing everything I could about this apartment community I called her to tell everything I found out about it. She patiently listened as I rattled off a list of amenities and features and got excited just as I knew she would. Her boss has given her a couple of extra vacation days to travel to Charlotte and secure a new place to live which she is taking advantage of this weekend. I couldn’t believe how quickly this was all moving along. I called and set up an appointment for us to take a tour this weekend. I’ll let you all know what she decides to do.