Pen drive prices have increased rapidly

In the last six months, the pen drive prices have increased rapidly, due to unspecified reasons. The indian rupee , dollar exchange rate has improved in favor of the indian rupee in the last few months, so the price of the pen drives should have decreased. However in April 2017, most retailers are quoting a price of Rs 350 or more for an 8 GB pen drive, which is the lowest capacity pen drive available in the market.
Even online at Amazon, the prices of pen drives are similarly high.
This is very surprising because usually pen drive prices are less than Rs 300 for the cheapest models. In November , December 2016, some websites like Flipkart were selling toshiba pen drives for as less as Rs 225 , now the prices have increased. Buyers will have to use their old stock of pen drives, till the prices reduce.
It is always advisable to keep a stock of pen drives, when prices are low, and funds are available.