Drones used for monitoring harmless google competitors, not troublemakers in India

Violence is reported from different parts of the country because the top indian intelligence and security agency officials especially ntro have highly misplaced priorities wasting the expensive equipment at their disposal to closely monitor harmless google competitors to increase the profit of google, instead of closely monitor the areas where a lot of violence has been reported like Chattisgarh, Kashmir.
For example in Chatisgarh, in March 2017, more than 10 security agency employees were killed, however ntro which is shouting hysterically about national security , did not offer them any additional help after the incident, and in April 2017, 25 more security agency employees were killed. It is always very sad when a person dies of violence, yet the problem could be prevented if ntro stopped wasting resources on monitoring and sexually harassing harmless google competitors for more than 7 years and focussed on real issues which lead to the loss of life.
NTRO has monitored the google competitor in multiple states, multiple homes for 7 years since 2010 using drones and aerial surveillance, not allowing the harmless engineer any kind of privacy at all, yet they are least interested in making the same effort in tracing those really causing problems in Kashmir, Chattisgarh. It clearly indicates that the Ntro, cbi employees are extremely motivated while doing their freelance work for google, tata of harassing a google competitor and are least interested in doing their official duties like preventing attacks on CRPF, BSF and army jawans